Release Date: June 7th 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


At this moment in time, it’s hard to keep up with how many heavy bands have popped up or risen to prominence around the UK, with there being a real groundswell towards bands such as MTXS, who bring us their debut full-length, ‘Ache’, following on from a number of EPs.

Opener ‘Mould’ makes use of an electronic and industrial tinged intro – if you hear this on a hardcore record in 2019, you know that you’re being teased before all hell breaks loose. And MTXS definitely do not disappoint, with their balls-to-the-wall brand of metallic hardcore going straight for the gut punch.

‘Strain’ has a very liberal use of chugging and groove, leaning close to deathcore. Whilst you can arguably trace some of their sound back to Slipknot or even Pantera, this feels both exciting and fresh.

‘Bad Blood’ continues in a similar vein, and with Loathe‘s Erik Bickerstaffe behind the mixing desk, every instrument sounds massive, including Paul Collins‘ ferocious growl, and when they veer into beatdown territory near the end of the song, it can certainly pack a punch. If you’re a fan of Lotus Eater‘s straight-down-the-line approach, you could certainly do a lot worse. Whilst some parts of this record could be described as hardcore-by-numbers, these aspects actually feel fun and not predictable. ‘Burn The Baron’ is also close to straight-up hardcore, but some of the guitar lines also invite a bit of tension into the field.

‘Liberation’, with its slight deathcore leanings helps us to return back to normal, with more bounce and groove being offered, before ‘Plague’ helps to end the album on a very intense note.

MTXS could go in more than one direction from this release. They could continue taking no prisoners with bringing their hard-hitting riffs and breakdowns, but there’s the possibility of also bringing in a more atmospheric approach, as showcased in the album’s titular track.

Whichever route MTXS choose to take going forward, there’ll be a lot of optimism surrounding them from here on. Their debut full-length is a very promising affair, and their potential could be fully realised on album number two.