ALBUM REVIEW: Monster Magnet – A Better Dystopia

Release Date: May 21st 2021
Label: Napalm Records


Bands can wither out within a few years or not even beyond their first album, but for the legends of the business they seem to be able to keep on going and going having already amassed a loyal fanbase of followers. Now onto their eleventh studio album, we can now see what all those years of experience lead up to with Monster Magnet‘s ‘A Better Dystopia’.

Opening with a spoken word speech, ‘The Diamond Mine’ is a bumbling confusing mess of quotations. Rather than getting the pulse racing or inciting a call to arms, it’s a one man acid trip that rattles on for far too long.

Riding the lines of American and gothic rock, ‘Born To Go’ fails to conjure up any excitement as the lack-lustre riffs and mediocre rhythms are matched with a similar dismal repetition of the title line for a full two minutes at the end.

The bland forefront continues in ‘Solid Gold Hell’, as the singular continuance of riffs in the same pattern runs through the entire song as though something magical is supposed to be imparted or a special point is to be reached by running in circles.

Things do take a decent up-swing in ‘When The Wolf Sits’ as the stoner rock meets nice grooves to finally get at least a gentle nod going and Dave Wyndorf‘s vocals get rid of the downward tone and get an extra edge of energy behind them.

There is further exploration of realms in ‘Death’ and ‘Situation’. Acoustic rock is met with a mix of rock ‘n’ roll that between the two shows that the band has more than one feather in their cap with a decent display of solos and riffs from Garrett Sweeney and Phil Caviano.

‘A Better Dystopia’ starts off fairly poor and one directional, but does improve as the tracks go by and as the lands further a field are explored to add at least some variety to proceedings.

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