ALBUM REVIEW: Mister Misery – Unalive

Release Date: October 4th 2019
Label: Arising Empire
Website: None available
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Originating from Stockholm, Sweden, Mister Misery have only been a band for about a year now. Despite this, they’ve launched from formation to signing with Arising Empire very quickly, and this makes an interesting premise for what is played forth on ‘Unalive’.

Beginning with a maniacal circus anthem, ‘The Blood Waltz’ rattles with rifling kick pedals and clean choruses in a mixture of metalcore and emo entangled in a binding of gothic synths that makes for an interesting opening.

Slowing to allow a smattering of thundering metal riffs from guitarist Alex Nine, ‘Tell Me How’ starts off with a confrontational stance before letting the chords ring as Harley Vendetta parses his reflective lyrics of betrayal that make an emphatic display, but the clean vocals leave the drama at a brief sniff rather than a clenched fist.

Barrelling up to speed metal mentality, ‘Legion’ begins with a cascade of pounding rhythms from drummer Rizzy and bassist Eddie Crow that gives the illusion we might be about to cross genres before the chorus redacts to another bout of anthemic emo rock choruses.

Screaming for a sing-along, ‘Stronger’ initially starts off with classic riffs and pacing rhythms, but sticks to a standard formula of intro, verse, bridge, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus with a background of chants of “hey” in sections to incite the crowd at live performances.

There’s a big bugbear that nibbles at the back of the brain when listening to ‘Unalive’; it’s only gothic rock in theme in places and nowhere near takes on the antithesis of the bands that pioneered it. It’s more emo-metalcore with a formulaic structure that, though executed well, is polished and so safe it might as well have safety tape on its cover just incase you get a paper cut from the in-sleeve.