ALBUM REVIEW: Microwave – Death Is A Warm Blanket

Release Date: September 13th 2019
Label: Pure Noise Records


Following their formation in 2012, Microwave have incited gloomy waves, distributing a multitude of EPs and live recordings alongside their more established efforts, and now we arrive at their third LP, ‘Death Is A Warm Blanket’.

This album kicks off with the intriguingly strange ‘Leather Daddy’, a drag-your-heels kind of song that sludges and shrieks in urgency. Nathan Hardy‘s vocals are laced with such depth that you could almost strike your finger across its grooves to cause the eruption of a flame, while the guitars ring out to signal the severity of the impending blaze.

This assured smoke filters into following track, ‘Float To The Top’, as Tyler Hill drags the bass across the introductory portion of the song, and gives it a shunting, Nirvana-esque feel. It snarls, bites, and recoils during its runtime – a truly eclectic and intricate feat.

‘Love’s Will Tear Us Apart’ is a dizzying endeavour that lulls against the subtle acoustic finger-style of Wesley Swanson for a little under a minute, injecting elements of melancholic reality into this otherwise mind-melting album.

The nihilistic, aggressive delivery of the majority of the release serves to shake things up, so the sanctuary of this track allows a brief moment to process these pent-up toxins. A powder-pink rose among many barbed thorns, if you will.

However, the sonic energy that buzzed throughout the prior portion of the album cannot contain itself for long, as the aforementioned ‘Love’s Will Tear Us Apart’ bleeds into ‘Mirrors’, and disjoints all restraints that Microwave might have once believed to face them.

‘Mirrors’ is unnerving; the spine-tingling drum work of Timothy Pitthard anchors the melding layers of the track together so seamlessly that the song almost sounds clean – an anomaly among this anthology of such bruised and battered works.

The album is knotted together as concluding track, ‘Part Of It’ blows into the atmosphere like the final drag of a cigarette. The band lowers their heads in respect of the intensity of their effort, sending ‘Death Is A Warm Blanket’ off in a dignified, trophied fashion. A concoction of smoke and stale beer hangs in the air as this album reaches its end; a tastefully fatalistic exploration that served its evocative purpose.