ALBUM REVIEW: mewithoutYou – [Untitled]

Release Date: October 5th 2018
Label: Run For Cover Records


Back in August, mewithoutYou released their ‘[untitled]’ EP, a beautiful record filled with a variety of sonic textures and soaring melodies, which also acted as precursor to a fleshed out full-length album developing on the same style and themes.

On their seventh record, the band displays how they’ve matured and developed their sound over the best part of two decades whilst still being able to hold on to some of their original characteristics.

While the preceding EP gave a taste for the more ambitious and mellow sound they have refined on some of the more atmospheric cuts on this album, what it didn’t prepare us for was the eruption of volatile emotion on opener ‘9:27 AM., 7/29’, which sees frontman Aaron Weiss revisit a half-scream-half-whisper vocal style harking back to 2002’s ‘A To B Life’, and this isn’t the only time we hear Weiss reach these dizzying heights of aggression.

mewithoutYou have a knack for mixing up genres and ‘[Untitled]’ is definitely a square peg in a round hole, unsure where it belongs but not giving a fuck and, in fact, actually preferring it that way. At times it’s heavy and distorted with howling vocals and pulsating drums, at others it’s soft and ambient with controlled and gentle lyrical melody, and sometimes that shift can take place within one song.

‘Winter Solstice’, the only track given a stripped down preview on the preceding EP, packs more of a punch in this full-band assault. A dystopian tale of isolation and loneliness set to a lofty melody complete with twinkly guitars, dramatic drums and even sleigh bells, only the most hardened of hearts won’t be thawed after a few listens.

With no tracks that really jump out like singles, this is a record that’s much greater than the sum of its parts. No need for flashy videos, gimmicks, or even a title, mewithoutYou are here to let the music do the talking.