ALBUM REVIEW: Merrick’s Tusk – Between The Earth And The Trees

Release Date: May 3rd 2019
Label: Undead Collective Records
Website: None available


Nottingham post-hardcore outfit Merrick’s Tusk aren’t afraid of taking the slower route to fame. John Jeacock (vocals/guitar) and Adam Burbidge (bass) had play in a spate of local bands before teaming up with Tim Hooper (drums) in 2014 and recording their first EP, ‘Sonder’.

In 2016, Sam Stead (guitar) joined the band, and now, standing up to the task of a full-length record with their debut album, ‘Between The Earth And The Trees’, the quartet are making their statement heard.

‘Reform’ opens the record, and it hits hard. The opening screams of “Reform! Refrain!” and the pounding drums pair perfectly with the heavy guitars. ‘Alternate’ starts with a chugging palm-muted guitar, and Jeacock performing a small monologue before the rest of the band kick in and they take it from there.

Instrumental cut ‘The Earth’ flows into ‘Turn Out The Lights’, which opens hell-for-leather as soon as the preceding track ends. The song remains at this kind of energy throughout its entire run-time, barely giving a break for breath.

Another instrumental rears its head later on, ‘The Trees’, which flows seamlessly into album closer, ‘At Your Best’, which, coincidentally, the band have been throughout this album, and marks itself as both a fitting and epic ending to proceedings.

‘Between The Earth And The Trees’ is a fantastic release. Within their post-hardcore sound lies roots of math rock, emo and alternative rock, and Jeacock‘s voice at times bears some similarities to that of Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari. Merrick’s Tusk are most definitely not a band to be overlooked.

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