ALBUM REVIEW: Mass Worship – Mass Worship

Release Date: October 18th 2019
Label: Century Media Records
Twitter: None available


Originating from Stockholm, Sweden, Mass Worship have only been around for about a year, and relying on their Swedish roots they hope to bring their brand of metal to the forefront in their self-titled debut release.

Grinding up the cartilage, opener ‘Celestial’ fills the soundscape with industrial riffs and stomping rhythms that pound with an intense of impending self-destruction, delivered with straight and intermittent vocals that interact with the rhythmic time changes that convey the statement of woe and internal despair.

Introducing hardcore mentality, ‘Serene Remains’ is a tyrannical gut punch of confrontational distortion and wailing riffs that many would expand into a progressively layered song structure, especially with the clean introduction. Instead, this is compressed into a much more dramatic and impressively aggressive two minutes and forty seconds of pure furore.

Barreling with chaotic death metal, ‘Proleptic Decay’ is reminiscent of the style of Meshuggah, with slightly off-kilter inflections and odd time signatures that combine with the band’s high frequency use of distortion to make you start gritting your teeth.

Extending the format, ‘Dreamless Grave’ combines demonic overtones with layered guitars and brief solos against the consistently crunching background of bass lines and echoing synths that can just be heard giving an air of terror to the atmosphere. Allowing for breathing space with brief dropouts to singular guitars and distant clean sections, it adds an extra dynamic to the constant onslaught.

Verging the lines between death metal, extreme hardcore, and thrash metal, Mass Worship have honed a distinctive sound. This is definitely an impressive first production for this band, but the constant crunch of distortion does become a bit tiresome, and, while there are forays into other realms, they are only brief.