ALBUM REVIEW: Maggot Heart – Mercy Machine

Release Date: July 10th 2020
Label: Rapid Eye Records
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Linnéa Olsson (formerly of Swedish rock band, The Oath) has returned with the latest instalment in her new DIY venture, Maggot Heart.

Following up from her 2018 debut, ‘Mercy Machine’ is infested with the might and magnitude of every underground punk ethos since the late 70s.

‘Second Class’ clashes onto the scene in a dizzying mess of cymbals and choppy guitars, creating the air of chaos that entrenches the album.

Second up, ‘Sex Breath’ is by far the strongest contender. At two minutes fifty-nine seconds, it stands as the shortest track, and its length, coupled with its punchy nature, makes it more befitting of the fast-paced punk atmosphere that Maggot Heart strive to instil, whilst other tracks tend to overexert themselves.

Unfortunately, the album plateaus early. It’s a tiresome climb to its peak, trawling through tracks that far exceed their welcome and sound increasingly similar to their neighbours. However, marking the midway point, ‘Mercy Machine’ is a murmur of life in the maggot chewed heart of the album, embodying the potency of the 90s riot grrrl movement.

This record has got the sound, but at times lacks the sustenance. It looks good on the plate, but when you dig in you find that it’s not very flavourful. Ultimately, Maggot Heart spreads themselves thin with ‘Mercy Machine’. Certainly, the material could’ve been condensed into an EP (or at least a shorter running time), which undoubtedly would’ve helped to make a much stronger statement.