ALBUM REVIEW: Lydia – Liquor

Release Date: July 13th 2018
Label: Weekday Records


From their entrance into the industry, Arizona indie band Lydia made it clear what style direction they would go in; making albums that the revolve around the way music makes you feel, and their latest release ‘Liquor’ continues that trend. An album that feels like the sound of summer, it’s an easy listen and interesting record.

Starting with ‘Sunlight’, the upbeat melodies are immediately set, opening up the rest of the album. Tracks such as ‘Friends’ and ‘Lie To Me’ are similar in sound, creating an upbeat energy, with sleek production and highlighting their ability to craft an interesting melody that is original.

Lydia has a distinctive vocalist in Leighton Antelman, and that’s certainly highlighted throughout these tracks and album in general. His vocals match perfectly with the incredible melodies. This connection between the two especially works well on the collaboration with Lauren Ruth Ward on ‘Red Lights’, a definite stand-out track on the record.

Although the majority of the album gives us the constant desire to want to get up and dance with the music, tracks such as ‘Goodside’ present a moodier sound with powerful vocals, and creates a very slight diversion in the overall sound.

The band have recorded ten sleek indie tunes that check all the right boxes. Each song brings a similar summery vibe and energy. In ‘Liquor’, Lydia have created an impressive album that’s sure to become a go to record for the summer.

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