ALBUM REVIEW: Lydia – I Was Someone Else

Release Date: November 20th 2020
Label: Unsigned


Mellow and tender indie outfit Lydia are now a long way from where they started. In the early 00s, the band rose onto the scene with their brand of soft emo rock. After many years of growing and line-up changes, they now feel more mature in their sound, leaving behind the angst and developing a more poetic soul within their music.

Lydia‘s seventh studio album, ‘I Was Someone Else’, is a triumph in indie relaxation rock.

Influenced by the entire spectrum of mellow music, Lydia draw on elements from a variety of genres throughout ‘I Was Someone Else’. Slow piano and a deep reverberating bass line form the foundations of ‘Heavy’, which feels soulful and funky. The repetition of the lyric “Heavy on me” in a solemn tone creates a feeling of emotional weight that perfectly accompanies the sounds of the bass. ‘Who We Gonna Be Now’ pairs the piano with a brass trumpet to give the track a jazzier feel, maintaining the calm nature of the record but with a sweeter sounding tune.

Often Lydia opt to strip back the instrumental to its bare bones. ‘Back Of Your Room’ has the vocals backed only by a few softly pressed keys at points in the track to really focus on the lyrics. It’s a song that feels quietly cathartic in its subject of reminiscence. ‘Peach Paint’ is equally quiet and creates an emotional tone that underlines the entire album.

Lydia have persisted with subtle sounding music from the start, however, what keeps it from feeling one tone in this record is the unique personality the band gives to each track. ‘VHS’ feels native and religious with the use of wooden instruments, and harmonious chorus sections that lift the tone of the track up with its fuller sound. ‘Even When I Don’t’ has a quicker rhythm to the bass and piano than any other track, and it also features lots of sampling to create a more pop vibe too.

Peaceful but powerful, ‘I Was Someone Else’ is a record that strengthens the tranquil tones of vocalist Leighton Antelman\s voice with a mixture of interesting instrumental compositions. Lydia have matured and developed their sound, producing an album that’s as complex as it is calming.

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