ALBUM REVIEW: lovelytheband – Conversations With Myself About You

Release Date: August 28th 2020
Label: Another Century


A unique expression of indie emo pop, Los Angeles trio lovelytheband aim to delve into the complexities of thoughts and feelings. Their new album, ‘Conversations With Myself About You’, has many layers that result in eccentric indie pop music that features profound moments throughout.

The record’s title track is set to a slow and solemn piano, built on by many diverse voices speaking the name of the album/song. An odd but somewhat powerful moment is an introduction to the thought provoking lyrics written into the tracks that follow.

It’s hard to not be upfront about the tone of a record that includes a song entitled ‘Emo’. However, lyrics like “the world’s full of lonely people, scared that they’re the only ones” accompany a calm, upbeat melody with a toe-tapping drum beat and catchy hook.

This continues throughout the record, notably with ‘I Hate Myself’, which uses whistling and distortion to create whimsical sounds that sound absurd but fun. The exception to this is the piano track, ‘I Should Be Happy’, which does slow the record for a reflective and serene moment.

Whilst the album’s lyrics are very much the opposite of how a pop song would sound, certain tracks hit a sweet spot that feels just right for radio play. ‘Love Somebody Else’ is catchy and melodic, and scratches the surface of lovelytheband‘s emotional style whilst remaining simple enough to be casual and relatable to the masses. ‘idwgtyp’ adds a simple, fun pop element that is definitely required to break up the heaviness of the record’s context.

The music really comes alive when lovelytheband mix serious writing with fun indie rock music. ‘Flowers – On My Grave’ is the most joyful and uplifting song on offer here, and whilst it closes off the later part of the record nicely, it’s a shame that it’s a bit of an oddity on the album, and at times it feels more like an experimental mixtape of various ideas that have yet to be properly filtered.

‘Conversations With Myself About You’ is the very definition of an emotional rollercoaster, and that comes with a lot of praise but also some criticism. It features a lot of thought provoking lyrics around love and loneliness that feel personal, but it also shifts very suddenly to being shallow and tonally indecisive. It’s a bit of a pick and mix situation, in that your mood will dictate which songs off of the record you’ll enjoy and return to.