ALBUM REVIEW: Lovebreakers – Primary Colours

Release Date: June 25th 2021
Label: Wiretrap Records


Genre-hopping, even to the point of defiance against categorisation, is a fun thing in music. We love diversity, but it still requires a degree of skill and careful navigation, which it just doesn’t feel like Lovebreakers have achieved here on ‘Primary Colours’. These ten tracks in isolation from each other are well-produced and pleasant enough, but string them together and they have about as much cohesion as a Spotify library on shuffle.

At first, things lean a little old school, punk-inspired pop. ‘Eye Roller’ is The Clash-adjacent, but detached from the era of the original it loses some of the ground breaking pizzaz. The obsession with bygone days, especially ’70s powerpop noise, doesn’t end there; ‘Laura’ goes in for a neatly sanitised view of vintage movies’ romance.

When Lovebreakers aren’t doing their best to scrape their nails against the ceiling of pop-punk, they’re settling comfortably into a pop-americana vibe. Fusions are great when done right, but mashing together Midlands brutalism with West Coast idealism is a bit square peg/round hole. Californication isn’t just a Red Hot Chili Peppers classic, it’s a real and present danger to any last vestiges of an non-globalised sound.

It’s all too easy, between the sparkling guitar melody of the title-track and ‘I Will Love Life’ (which sounds like it could belong on the soundtrack to Grease), to forget that Lovebreakers are a bunch of Brummies. Until we get a brief respite in Brit-pop inspired ‘Horizons’, it’s hard to imagine these songs fitting in the misly UK weather.

If a debut album is meant to clearly represent an artist and what they stand for, then unfortunately ‘Primary Colours’ is murky at best.