ALBUM REVIEW: Lordi – Killection

Release Date: January 31st 2020
Label: AFM Records


Best known for boasting a win at the Eurovision Song Contest, Lordi were a surprise yet impressive winner back in 2006, and now 14 years later they’re onto their tenth record, ‘Killection’.

Beginning with a jovial middle finger at mainstream radio rock, ‘Radio SCG 10’ starts off with a deep narrated introduction, with comical renditions of classic songs that instantly lets you know that things shouldn’t be taken to seriously. This is a concurrent theme throughout, with intermittent segments of talk radio that keep developing and maintaining the story of imminent takeover supplying an underlying plot line.

With a title like ‘Shake The Baby Silent’, you might be expecting a raw dose of toxic black metal. Instead we’re greeted with a light hearted nu-metal experience that could be expected from Powerman 5000 or Rob Zombie back in their heyday.

Taking cheese to the max, ‘Apollyon’ is a mythical clash of titans told through classic guitar riffs from Amen and retro keys from Hella, who both lift what could be a standard battle track to a much more magical level.

Pumping in American rock, ‘Blow My Fuse’ injects warm distorted riffs and relaxed rhythms from Mana, who manages a breadth of different genres in a laid back style that maintains a welcoming atmosphere for the first time listener.

Reverting to the darker side, ‘I Dug A Hole In The Yard For You’ kicks off with a menacing placement of strings and vocals from frontman Mr. Lordi, who splits his style between operatic and low aggressive shouts that are apt for the theme throughout.

‘Killection’ isn’t necessarily mind blowing, but it expertly brushes the boundaries of comical, classic, and retro to make for a very entertaining record that can’t be faulted except by personal taste.