ALBUM REVIEW: Lindsey Stirling – Artemis

Release Date: September 6th 2019
Label: Lindseystomp Music


You must’ve been living under a rock for the past seven years to not have at least heard the name Lindsey Stirling.

Finding fame in the rise of YouTube as an original content creator, Stirling put out her unique brand of classical violin music fused with electronic dance beats, together with colourful videos of her performing in vibrant clothing and in mesmerising locations, she soon found a vast fan base for her art. ‘Artemis’ is Stirling‘s fifth LP, and is a testament to how much of a world builder she is within the realms of her own music.

‘Underground’ opens the album with a solemn tone that builds like war music before the beat drops into a dance anthem. The song seems to jump the line between Stirling‘s classical fantasy inspired tones that she’s known for, and then, as the beats drop, there’s more of a Neo-Tokyo futuristic feel that she’s trying to create within ‘Artemis’.

The title-track builds on this futuristic feel with a lot of heavy bass drops and sections of fast-paced beats alongside the violin. There are very few lyrics in Stirling‘s music, and so the feel of each track is very much up to interpretation, however, the anime artwork for the album really does jog the imagination to see the Japanese inspirations behind the music.

‘Between The Twilight’ offers a slower respite from the pounding dance anthems across the record, and show off the beauty of Stirling‘s work in a very pure form. As with all of her music, she seems to tell a story with it and this song feels more calm and magical with some quite choir vocals, traditional drums ,and harp added into the later sections of the track.

Evanescence lead vocalist Amy Lee lends her haunting yet beautiful vocals to ‘Love Goes On And On’. Sitting in the middle of the album, this track offers a more traditional release of music. Lending to the alternative crowd and the collaboration, it’s a perfect match, as violin music often lends itself to the goth rock world that Lee is associated with.

‘The Upside’ also features a guest spot, this time from Elle King. It’s very different, as it takes on a pop music vibe with a fun repetitive chorus that drops in and out of dance breaks, and as the final track on the album, it’s a big and uplifting finish to the record.

If you’re not remotely interested in alternative classical music then ‘Artemis’ has little to offer you, with less than a handful of songs featuring predominant vocals. However, for those who enjoy classical or are intrigued by how it can exist in modern music, this record is perfect for you.

There’s a beauty to the music that Lindsey Stirling produces, and by dipping her toe in dance, goth rock, pop, and alternative anime themes with ‘Artemis’, she creates something so diverse yet also contained enough to its themes that it has its own identity. This album tells a story, what that story is, however, is up to you.