ALBUM REVIEW: Lindemann – F & M

Release Date: November 22nd 2019
Label: Universal Music Group/Vertigo Records


Despite already fronting metal giants Rammstein, Till Lindemann, hasn’t limited himself to a single project. Instead, he’s expanded his horizons to include poetry, pyrotechnics, and acting.

He’s also collaborated efforts with Peter Tägtgren of Swedish death metal bands Hypocrisy and PAIN on an eponymous project, Lindemann, who have fused together to create their second record, ‘F & M’.

Opening with operatic synths and intertwining sections of distorted and clean guitars, beginner ‘Steh Auf’ is a classic representation of what would be expected of the Rammstein frontman, retaining a lot of the focus on the vocals, having retrospective bank of synths, and creating raucous choruses. Similarly, the following three tracks are re-creations heavily influenced by the career that Lindemann attained through the band, featuring a combination of metal riffs, operatic synths, and single line choruses that made them famous.

A strange twist then becomes afoot in ‘Knebel’, where the lyrics take on a duality of positives and negatives against a background of acoustic guitars that eventually launch into heavy guitars with a repetition of the main line “In your mouth” as though torturing a captured soul. This sentiment is repeated in ‘Ach So Gern’, describing the physical desires and adventures of a man in a unique and darkly comical fashion that is an interesting departure from the metal realms.

Entering the territory of pure electronica, ‘Mathematik’ verges on the edges of dubstep but also resides itself in trip-hop, with darkened lyrics that retain a rap style continuity and a haunting atmosphere of synths that are dated but effective for the song as a whole.

‘F & M’ embraces the whole breadth of Lindemann‘s experience as a musician and writer, but sadly isn’t a unique or different departure from his adventures that it warrants special praise. Maybe this old dog needs to learn some new tricks.