ALBUM REVIEW: Like Pacific – In Spite Of Me

Release Date: July 27th 2018
Label: Pure Noise Records


Canadian pop-punks Like Pacific blew into the scene a few years ago with their debut album, ‘Distant Like You Asked’, and now they’ve brought their sophomore album to the table. Bringing raw lyrics and intense tunes with ‘In Spite Of Me’, it reflects a very similar vibe to its predecessor.

Tracks like ‘Had It Coming’, ‘The Spring’, and ‘Admittance’ create some memorable and striking melodies. Sounding almost clich√© pop-punk, the album ticks off all the boxes and makes it the perfect listen for the generic pop-punk listener. All ten tracks transition smoothly together, creating a clean and coherent album which, if you stop paying attention, can quickly turn into one long track that happens to last over 40 minutes.

Naturally, bands are supposed to take a step forward from their first release to their second, especially in an industry where pop-punk bands are breaking the scene every five minutes and becoming the “next big thing.” Unfortunately, ‘In Spite Of Me’ sounds a bit too similar to their last effort and, as a result, prevents it from making a lasting impression.

That’s not to say that the album doesn’t have its strong points. The biggest asset is lead frontman Jordan Black‘s vocals and lyrics. Black‘s ability to capture a sense of loss of one’s own self-worth through his pop-punk screams is incredible. Screaming “How did I do you wrong?” in the intro to ‘Had It Coming’ sparks chills and conveys the attitude of the whole track before we’re even ten seconds in.

Between the loud (sometimes screaming) vocals, hard guitar riffs, and deep drum beats, ‘In Spite Of Me’ truly sounds like a typical pop-punk album. It’s catchy, hard-hitting, and grabs you from the start. However, with too much similarity between this and their 2016 debut, it hinders the album from so much potential.

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