ALBUM REVIEW: Lights – Dead End

Release Date: August 7th 2020
Label: Fueled By Ramen/Elektra Records


In collaboration with MYTH, the rock-turned-EDM producer, Canadian electro-pop giant Lights has remixed a handful of her songs for her new 8-track offering, ‘Dead End’.

On the surface this record might not seem like much with its orange cover, but inside, the dire, electronic future awaits.

Although it’s mainly an album of reimagined bangers, Lights doesn’t disappoint and has thrown in three completely new songs; ‘Outdoor Sports’, ‘Batshit’, and the title-track. Each of these songs open and frame the album in this high energy, world ending landscape, yet are ultimately brilliant in their own right.

Their inclusion doesn’t feel like a plea to get more streams, but as pieces that otherwise complete this dire, dubstep puzzle. Although Lights sings in the song ‘Dead End’ that “change is coming”, she’s wrong – change is already here in the form of this beautiful, electronic masterpiece.

While the idea of a “remix album” may leave you hesitant at first, all of these songs aren’t just remixed but are entirely reimagined. Lights has given high energy, EDM life to her songs ‘We Were Here’, ‘Fight Club’, ‘Up We Go’, ‘Almost Had Me’, and ‘Savage’. Somehow managing to make her already upbeat bops even higher energy, she’s blasted them not only into the new decade, but into another century. With futuristic beats and a bass throughout that’s so meaty you want to rip your teeth into them, Lights and MYTH have created an album that’s physically impossible to stay still to.

Although Lights isn’t reinventing the wheel with ‘Dead End’, she is raising the bar for reimagining songs. With a fully-fledged, refined electronic sound, together both she and MYTH they’ve created tracks that are banging in their own right and aren’t just another spin-off record.