ALBUM REVIEW: Light The Torch – You Will Be The Death Of Me

Release Date: June 25th 2021
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Website: None available


Returning with a revamped line-up for sophomore release ‘You Will Be The Death Of Me’, metalcore supergroup Light The Torch pick up from where they left off. Once again showing how dominating Howard Jones‘ unmistakable vocals can be, ‘You Will Be The Death Of Me’ sees the group settle into a more consistent groove.

Opening with the elastic riffing of ‘More Than Dreaming’, thunderous drums and bellowed vocals navigate jagged riffs and swarms of keyboard driven melodies. More melodic than hard hitting, the band lean on the vocal powerhouse that is Jones to drive the track home. The same can be said with lead single ‘Let Me Fall Apart’, which swiftly reminds us how commanding Jones‘ vocals can be, as its chorus soars above stomping drums and thick layers of distortion.

Granted, for the most part ‘You Will Be The Death Of Me’ doesn’t aim to stretch its soundscape. Alternating between the classic metalcore of ‘The End Of The World’ and the hook driven ‘Wilting In The Light’, the group executes the tracks well. When the record does move away from its blueprint, as we see on ‘I Hate Myself’, it serves as a welcome change rather than an missed opportunity.

As the record plays through, it does fall into the trappings of repeating its style one too many times, though even with the second half of the record blurring together, there are still standout tracks to be found. Most notably there’s the crushing ‘Living With A Ghost’ and the serrating ‘Denying The Sin’, both securing their place on future set lists for the group.

Closing the record with a cover of ‘Sign Your Name’ by Terrance Trent D’Arbay, Jones‘ vocals yet again steal the show. Leaning into a soulful croon, Jones pushes the mainly faithful rendition into the group’s soundscape.

Ultimately, ‘You Will Be The Death Of Me’ doesn’t push the band’s sound further, but it does continue to deliver a highlight or two to keep things interesting. That being said, with the wealth of talent on display, Light The Torch could easily change things up later down the line.