ALBUM REVIEW: Less Than Jake – Silver Linings

Release Date: December 11th 2020
Label: Pure Noise Records


Nearly thirty years into their career and twenty-five years after their first studio album, Less Than Jake are still one of the top dogs in the world of ska punk.

‘Silver Linings’, the long-awaited ninth studio album from the Florida quintet, comes seven whole years after their previous release, ‘See The Light’, and is also the band’s first album without founding drummer, Vinnie Fiorello.

The album opens with ‘The High Cost Of Living Low’, which has a nice blend of old school punk and more modern pop-punk. Oh, and let’s not forget the trombone and saxophone. While the song doesn’t feel like a ska track, the addition of the brass and woodwind instruments add some variety to the mix, while still feeling right at home.

The ska-style feel can be found on songs like ‘Lie To Me’ and ‘So Much Less’, which both manage to fire off a load of energy while still feeling more chilled out than some of the punkier songs on the record. ‘Lost At Home’ provides a little bit of a wildcard, opening with almost a jazz-based feel, before falling back into a classic ska groove.

The faster, punkier moments are the highlights of this album. ‘Dear Me’ and ‘Monkey Wrench Myself’ offer up that classic fast-paced drum beat, courtesy of new drummer Matt Yonker. Even though the latter does slow down slightly into a ska-infused feel, the shift in momentum is barely noticeable, and it doesn’t offer the same relaxed-yet-energetic vibe that the rest of the ska-infused songs do. That being said, it is still a heavily enjoyable experience.

‘Silver Linings’ proves that Less Than Jake can still pump out songs with incredible energy that would set any emo club night on fire.