Release Date: March 19th 2021
Label: Arising Empire


You should try to not pigeon-hole and put bands into genre-assigned drawers just to be able to file them away and give them an ‘identity’, but LANDMVRKS might’ve overdone it with the spectrum of variety that they’ve tried to squeeze into their third album, ‘Lost In The Waves’.

The record starts off promising with its title-track and the following ‘Rainfall’, both being incredibly well constructed pacing wise and the genre jumping between two-stepping inducing hardcore, some generic metalcore mixed in, and some breakdowns that aren’t as desperate and predictable than most. Yet, even in these early highlights there are some downs, such as the chorus that seems to manage to dip the mood of the record within one note.

This theme starts with the title-track, pops back up in ‘Silent’, carries all the way through every song up until ‘Overrated’, and then closing number ‘Paralyzed’ only just barely gets saved by vocalist Florent Safati‘s incredibly emotional performance.

Despite a lot of the songs carrying promising parts that should manage to set them apart from the million other metalcore bands that are currently circling on the premise of the industry, the well-balanced vocal themes, as well as the uplifting guitar riffs and blast beats, are all awfully hard to pick out of the mass of things that LANDMVRKS present us with here.

For example, the French emo/SoundCloud rap part at the beginning of ‘Visage’ fully throws you off the path that you thought the record was set out on and is at first a welcome surprise, but once the song turns its tempo and heaviness back to what we know, it seems incredibly misplaced and awkward, completely separate from the rest of the track. And that’s the downfall of ‘Lost In The Waves’. It’s packed with inspired notions but simply tends to continuously miss the mark.

In short, ‘Lost In The Waves’ ain’t bad, but it also just ain’t great. Throughout we find ourselves lost in the ever shifting waves of the album, looking for some kind of landmark to guide us back on track.