ALBUM REVIEW: Lande Hekt – Going To Hell

Release Date: January 22nd 2021
Label: Get Better Records
Website: None available


With the Exeter punk trio Muncie Girls, Lande Hekt has blazed a small trail across the UK over the last decade. Last year, she released a solo EP called ‘Gigantic Disappointment’, which was anything but what the title suggests, garnering positive reviews right across the board.

The follow-up to that EP is her debut studio album, ‘Going To Hell’, parts of which are about her journey in finding comfort in her sexuality, and coming out as gay.

Tracks like ’80 Days Of Rain’, ‘Undone’, and ‘December’ give off a playful indie vibe, almost sounding like Honeyblood. In fact, if you played these songs to a Honeyblood fan and if it weren’t for Hekt‘s British accent, most would probably believe that they were Honeyblood songs. These are both contrasted and complimented by the gentler and more vulnerable sounding cuts like ‘Winter Coat’ and ‘Candle’.

The title-track is a playful response to homophobia, particularly religious homophobia. The combination of the joyful-sounding music and the deadpan delivery of the lyrics in the verse automatically puts a smile on your face, and the refrain of “I live my life for other people / Not in a good way / In a really shit fucking way” is sorely relatable to any LGBT+ person.

‘In The Darkness’ closes out the album, a short but sweet song that encapsulates the end of most LGBT+ peoples’ journey of finding comfort in their own skin; the power that you feel, knowing that you’ve got this far and have had the confidence to let the world know. The only bad thing about this song is that it’s over too soon.

Maybe Lande Hekt deliberately names her solo releases after the opposite of the effect that they have. ‘Gigantic Disappointment’ was certainly anything but, and no-one will feel like they’re going to hell when they listen to this record. She’s made a clear distinction between her music with Muncie Girls and her solo material, and has truly fleshed out her skills as a singer/songwriter.