ALBUM REVIEW: Knockout Kid – Hero Insomniac

Release Date: July 31st 2020
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


The world is experiencing a pretty tough time right now, with artists’ livelihood practically grinding to a halt, so it’s hardly surprising that lots of bands are unleashing their most furious, ferocious records to date.

One of those bands is Knockout Kid with their latest studio album, ‘Hero Insomniac’, a melodic cacophony of pent-up frustration and pop-punk angst.

Opening with a strong hook and aggressive riff of which the likes of Four Year Strong would be proud, the title-track is a whirlwind right from the off. This three-minute opener sets the tone for the entire album; from the fresh ‘Operation Counterfeit’, similar to more current bands like WSTR and Broadside, to the emotive lyrics masked by catchy melodies (a trick often used by The Wonder Years) in ‘No Son Of Yours’, the album scratches every pop-punk itch imaginable.

It’s a real shame that Knockout Kid aren’t able to take this album out on the road (well, for the time being anyway) because there are some absolute killer tracks that would truly explode live. Whether it’s the fierce, animalistic head-banger ‘Sentimental Disorder’, perfect for an agitated, angsty crowd to take out their frustrations in a chaotic mosh pit, or the anthemic, stadium-filling breakdowns in ‘If They Want A Fight’, which are simply not done justice in the studio, this album is bursting with material just begging to be performed live.

This eight-track album is a pop-punk record, there’s no doubt about it, but it’s not your average run-of-the-mill pop-punk record. Knockout Kid have somehow succeeded in both giving fans something to enjoy for now, and also something to look forward to when the world returns to normal and ‘Hero Insomniac’ can be let loose on stage.