ALBUM REVIEW: Kagoule – Strange Entertainment

Release Date: October 26th 2018
Label: Alcopop! Records
Website: None available


Nottingham based alternative rockers Kagoule have been taking things slow, with three years passing between their 2015 debut full-length, ‘Urth’, and the release of follow-up, ‘Strange Entertainment’, with which the band are really finding their feet.

Having played together since they were teenagers means that they know how they want to sound and how to achieve that, a feat that some bands don’t manage to achieve until they’re several albums down the line (if ever).

The album kicks off with lead single, ‘Egg Hunt’, which is a Gary Numan-esque rhythmic pop song that is as much about its pulsating bass line as it is the perfected 80s-inspired vocals. This sets the precedent for the rest of the album; a catchy yet sophisticated alternative pop record that wouldn’t sound out of place nestled somewhere between Sonic Youth and Talking Heads in your collection.

The juxtaposition of Cai Burns and Lucy Hatter‘s vocal styles brings a depth to the record that makes each track fresh and different from the one that preceded it. Ranging from personal stories and insights into private thoughts and feelings that can be heard on tracks such as ‘It’s Not My Day’ to reaching the psychedelic heights of ‘Repent! Said The Insect Man’, ‘Strange Entertainment’ is a little bit confusing lyrically, but that’s definitely the intention.

Fuzzy guitars, beautiful vocals, and a rhythm that just won’t quit, ‘Strange Entertainment’ is the sound of a band who are ready to unleash their talents on the world and are unafraid to wear their influences on their sleeve.