Release Date: April 5th 2019
Label: Unsigned


‘The Ceiling’ by JAWS is the third album released by the Birmingham indie rock trio. Having worked on this album for two years the result is a really polished record that’s soft on the ears.

Over the past seven years, JAWS have brought out track after track of melodic music with interesting beats and tempos, resulting in such easy listening. It feels natural in the background of any journey as if it were a part of the world around you. ‘The Ceiling’ is nothing too new compared to the their previous output, but does what they do best so well.

Opener ‘Driving At Night’ begins with a toe-tapping sneer rhythm accompanied by a harmonic guitar riff. As the soft vocals from Connor Schofield come in, you feel your body slowly rock and sway to the beats as if you were driving a convertible on a summers day at full speed down a country road. The song begins the album as it means to go on, with a soft rock vibe that’s both calming and beautiful.

‘Feel’ perfectly incapsulates the free feeling of the record, with a simple yet catchy chorus that repeats “Oh oh, it’s just the way I feel / The way I feel”. It’s a crowd chanter, but unlike most songs written in this repetitive structure it doesn’t feel the need to shout the chant, just simply speak it softly.

‘End Of The World’ is almost the opposite of this. Taking the record to a dark place with heavier beats and more complex vocals, it feels like the same band but a completely different record, and it’s at this point that there’s some confusion thrown into the joy ride of ‘The Ceiling’.

JAWS have put together a wonderful collection of calm melodic indie rock tracks within ‘The Ceiling’. Although it does lack some originality whist seamlessly blending into their previous catalogue, and does lose its way on a few tracks overall, it’s a delight to listen to and the perfect accompanying music particularly when you feel like relaxing to a toe-tapping jam rather than screaming out a catchy chorus. Quite simply alone or with company, it’s the perfect record to put on whist you have a chill sesh.