ALBUM REVIEW: InVisions – Between You & Me

Release Date: February 8th 2019
Label: Stay Sick Recordings


It’s difficult to fathom who would actually want a British answer to Attila, but here we have InVisions who are back with their second full-length album, ‘Between You & Me’. Thankfully they’ve at least tried to expand upon their last effort, ‘Never Nothing’, with strings and synth lines peppered across the album.

‘Good For Nothing’ is decent enough, even if the riffing in the chorus sounds very similar to that of ‘Doomsday’ by Architects, and a “blegh” or two even make their way onto the record too (come on, guys). ‘Too Far Gone’ could easily be the previous track, and this song is heavily centred around the proclamation that they “don’t give a single fuck.” Woah. Watch out. InVisions are about.

By the time we reach ‘Heretic’, you’ll have only picked out a handful of times where there’s any variation of some kind. You do wonder how it’s possible to provide so much of the same grooves and chugging over such a long period of time.

Yet, things really take a plummet in ‘Dead To Me’. Brace yourself for perhaps the most cringe-worthy mosh call ever committed to tape: “There ain’t no way around it / Who you trying to front? / ’cause when all’s said and done / You’re still a cunt.” Wow. What an eloquent, witty rebuttal, that will surely make enemies of InVisions backtrack and realise the error of their ways.

Much of the press quotes have pointed out how NSFW parts of this album are, but the machismo and tough-guy posturing makes this album far more embarrassing and silly than remotely threatening in any way.

The band’s ear for melody that pops up in ‘Down & Out’, and the squealing synths in ‘Memoriam’ that help to bring a bit of bounce are some of the better moments for sure. But upping this side of their sound would only make the album slightly more tolerable, rather than propelling them towards greatness. Melodic closer ‘Destined To Fail’ is without question the best song by some considerable distance, but there’s still a stench lingering from the earlier songs.

If you’re an aspiring musician and want to have longevity, this milieu of metalcore bands might have the answer; after all these years, they’re still here. They’re just not going away. Both the melodic and heavier sides of ‘Between You & Me’ do absolutely nothing to stand out from a subgenre that is by-and-large bloated, stale, tediously formulaic, and creatively bankrupt.