ALBUM REVIEW: Ingested – The Level Above Human

Release Date: April 27th 2018
Label: Unique Leader Records
Website: None available


Disgusting, bludgeoning, filthy, and brutal are just some adjectives to describe the savage sound of UK slam metal outfit, Ingested. Forming in Manchester in 2006, the band – who still comprise of all their original members – continue their voyage into the realms of ferocious death metal with fourth studio record, ‘The Level Above Human’.

Those who have checked out Ingested‘s back catalogue will have no surprises when listening to this new body of work. With opening track ‘Sovereign’ containing a wall of blast beats and intense riffing, there’s no denying that they’re aiming straight for the jugular. Rather than death-metal-by-numbers, there are certain elements of this record that alternate mixtures of pace, melody, and atmosphere. However, if you’re up for an aggression-fuelled slug fest, you’ve come to the right place.

‘Invidious’ is bookended by a massively hook-filled guitar riff, and is further complimented by numerous death squeals and breakdown-baiting segments. For a band renowned for being on the slam side of the death metal spectrum, there’s some proper melody seeping through which is sure to incite the audience in the live environment.

Those fans that prefer their music more progressive and softer on the ear may be put off by the band’s approach on this album, although the material isn’t outrageously different from Ingested‘s past releases. Tracks such as ‘Misery Leach’ with its catchy “fuck” mosh call before the main breakdown, ‘Purveyors Of Truth’ contains a decent melodic guitar solo midway, and ‘Better Off Dead’, which is layered in a melodic, yet haunting atmospheric undertone, shows that the band have matured and tried to diversify their sound without losing too much of their identity.

But there’s also an awful lot of moments where it gets quite difficult to withstand the barrage. After all, there’s only so much one can take from the combination of frenetic blast beats, speedy guitar riffing, and the putrid lyrical content from vocalist Jason Evans.

If death metal is your thing then you’ll more than likely love ‘The Level Above Human’, but be prepared to have your head smashed in to find the enjoyment from within.

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