ALBUM REVIEW: Infera Bruo – Rites Of The Nameless

Release Date: October 16th 2020
Label: Prosthetic Records
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With a name that translates to ‘Hellish Noise’, you can guess what’s on the cards with Infera Bruo‘s fourth LP, ‘Rites Of The Nameless’.

Blasting out of the starting blocks with the furore of black metal and intense rhythms, ‘The Breath Of Chaos’ mingles with gospel vocalisations as if read from the text of the devil himself, as frontman Galen‘s vocals vary from chants to demonic croaks and visceral screams. It’s an energetic opening that does give the overall dramatic experience set in the classic stance of black metal’s historic roots with loosely thrashing guitars and wild cymbal crashes.

Continuing in similar fashion, follower ‘Latent Foe Arcane’ keeps the loose format going with constantly pounding dissonant riffs and rifling kick pedals from Ardroth, who manages to keep the reigns on the beast from breaking free and running into utter chaos. This is nicely juxtaposed with a break of guitars that could be developed into a great crescendo, but is instead kept within the tight lines of the band’s focus.

Turning to a progressive mantra, ‘Cimmerian Shade’ opens with retrospective synths and distant atmospherics that make for a pleasant break from the raucous of thrashing guitars that are broken by ringing wails of strings. This promise of change is quickly dispatched in another dive drop of death thrash from Galen who quite obviously plays two guitar parts that are separated across the soundscape, but they never seem to quite link together or hook-up to create an enigmatic wall of sound.

While a lot of bands use the progressive parts to get creative or introduce different genres, it’s almost like Infera Bruo can’t wait to get back to the safe grounds of black metal and the constant onslaught of thrashing strings that is their staple becomes quite bland after a while. Still, ‘Rites Of The Nameless’ triumphs as another solid addition to the band’s catalogue.