ALBUM REVIEW: I Am The Avalanche – Dive

Release Date: November 20th 2020
Label: I Surrender Records/Big Scary Monsters
Website: None available


Returning after a six year absence, I Am The Avalanche present ‘Dive’, a breathless ride through the past year and a half through frontman Vinnie Caruana‘s defiant lens.

Pulling no punches and delivering the snappy and anthemic post-hardcore that defines I Am The Avalanche, ‘Dive’ delivers a raucous and hook laden collection of tracks.

From the off, buzzsaw guitars, impassioned vocals, and pounding drums form the backbone of the anthemic fight songs. From the optimistic and community based ‘Better Days’, which leans into the melodic guitar work of Micheal Ireland and Brandon Swanson, to the sobering and exposed ‘You’re No Good To Me Dead’, the quintet waste no time in delivering their message.

Not relying on brevity and confrontation, ‘Fake Weed’ and ‘Love Song 69’ both usher in the mid-point of the record with nuance and reservation. Focusing on the core elements of the group, both tracks deliver a change of pace for the sweaty and vibrant record without feeling shoe horned in or overworked.

Playing out like a live set, ‘Dive’ soon speeds back up as ‘Are You Listening?’ storms through with chunky guitars, thundering drums, and gritty vocals. On the other hand, ‘Tokyo’ follows up with Caruana looking inwards amongst tightly wound guitars and crashing drums.

After the raw and throat shredding ‘Concrete’, ‘Earthquake Weather’ delivers stacked guitars and dominating choruses amongst a structure that evolves its dynamics throughout. Concluding their brief and breathless release, ‘The Morning’ swaps quick chord changes and screams for sparse guitars and intimate vocals. Granted, the track swells and explodes, but it does so in an unexpected fashion compared to the bouncing energy that defines the record.

With ‘Dive’, I Am The Avalanche have created a record that picks up where their previous release left off. Deviating when needed and aware of what works for them, ‘Dive’ is a solid collection of optimistic and, at times, snarling post-hardcore sing-alongs.