ALBUM REVIEW: I Am Abomination – Passion Of The Heist II

Release Date: April 24th 2020
Label: Unsigned


‘Passion Of The Heist II’ boldly marks the triumphant return of Detroit metalcore act I Am Abomination after a six-year long hiatus. The time off has clearly worked in the band’s favour, as here we find them sounding more confident and monstrous than ever.

‘Decimation’ kicks things off with bumbling riffs that ascend into frenzied guitar solos and screeches which transition their way straight into ‘Judas’. The track boasts impressive vocal deliveries from Phil Druyor alongside bolstering instrumentation that elegantly blends melody with aggression. It’s difficult for a band to be as catchy as they are crushingly heavy, but here I Am Abomination pull it off flawlessly.

Pulsating drum work and twisting and turning guitars are at the forefront of ‘Ultraterrestial’, with its unique blend of metal instrumentation and a math-rock/djent sensibility. The aggression is turned up a notch on ‘Way Of Sorrows’, featuring Jesse Cash and JT Cavey (both of ERRA) who bring a new sense of grit to the table with harsh vocals that battle their way between highs and lows at every turn.

The album hits its peak at ‘Lamb To The Slaughter’, which is a ferociously fast-paced offering with electrifying blast beats and frantic guitar lines that will incite mosh pits from the get-go. This track is the perfect exemplification of what the band are about going forward. They delicately balance punchy instrumentation with incredibly impressive vocals from frontman Druyor.

‘The Greatest Sin’ continues all of this with its catchy lyricism, which is particularly prevalent on the chorus that’ll run circles around your head weeks after it ends. The track climaxes with euphoric, twisting guitar solos and freakishly quick drum work. There’s no denying that the band have improved their craft throughout their time off, as the album’s instrumentation is wholeheartedly memorable and mind-blowing from start to finish.

‘Heir To The Throne’ features Tim Henson and Scott Lepage (both of Polyphia), and sounds like something that would accompany a boss fight in a video game. It has an orchestral feel to it that’s upheld by an unreal amount of confidence, which equates for yet another album highlight. Some harsher vocals would’ve been incredible here, because despite how monstrous the track is there’s something missing.

Head banging riffs and groovy drum lines bring the perfect finale to the record on ‘Deicide’, with Ben Duerr (of Shadow Of Intent) bringing a unique horrific atmosphere into the mix with his gruelling, demonic lows.

‘Passion Of The Heist II’ is one hell of a comeback for I Am Abomination, who have truly mastered their sound, despite taking so much time off. The band have fine tuned their talents with immense delicacy whilst retaining their aggression and confidence.