ALBUM REVIEW: Hold Close – Time

Release Date: January 18th 2019
Label: Hopeless Records


Missouri pop-punk/pop-rock outfit Hold Close are some of the newest faces on the scene and freshest signees to the Hopeless Records roster, kicking starting their path towards the big leagues with their debut album, ‘Time’.

Starting off strong, they open up with the mellow introductory title track, featuring a laid back instrumental with almost The Beatles-esque gang vocals shouting “You know time will always heal”, which escalates into a huge rock chorus before coming down again one last time at the end.

Following right up is ‘Hang Tight’; a solid pop-punk song featuring high energy vocals reminiscent of Less Than Jake or Seaway.

In contrast to this high intensity, Hold Close are clearly not afraid to slow things down, evident in the third track, ‘Breath’, which showcases a versatile vocal ability, and an epic wall of guitars giving listeners one of the biggest tracks on the album.

The takeaway from ‘Time’ is that Hold Close know exactly how to pace an album, given that at eleven tracks, not one of them can be skipped. They’ve taken all of the best parts of modern pop-punk and emo and mashed them all together in the best way, and it certainly sets them apart from a lot of other bands and helps cut through the noise in an arguably oversaturated scene.