ALBUM REVIEW: Higher Power – 27 Miles Underwater

Release Date: January 24th 2020
Label: Roadrunner Records


Leeds unit Higher Power successfully showcase their musical evolution away from their more hardcore-heavy debut record to the alternative rock powerhouse that is ’27 Miles Underwater’.

Intro track ‘Seamless’ can instantly be recognised as a future classic and mosh pit starter. The relentless riffs in the verses combined with a very Deftones-esque chorus work perfectly together, bringing a well balanced mix of energies. It’s a brave way to kick off their LP as it’s easily the standout track on it, and inevitably dims the light a bit for the rest that’s to follow.

The band hold up the same vibe across the whole of ’27 Miles Underwater’. It somehow manages to keep the record afloat and enjoyable, but, in a way, that’s also its biggest problem. The same pacing makes it hard to give every single song the same amount of attention as they morph into each other. When you give it multiple listens, you’ll surprise yourself by discovering your brain had completely skipped over parts of it that only now randomly shine through.

As far as influences go, there are points on this that you could easily mistake for Jane’s Addiction songs, or think that Ozzy Osborne had suddenly switched places with Jimmy Wizard and was the one who’s swinging airy melodies at you instead. Is that really ‘Self-Rendered: Lost’ playing, or did the Alice In Chains hit ‘Rooster’ somehow end up on the record? Planned appreciation of their peers, or a lucky accident? Either way, it works for them.

To make a long story short, Higher Power have very clearly grown more confident on this sophomore record, and are ready to show the scene and their ‘old genre’ who and what kind of band they really are now. ’27 Miles Underwater’ is a stellar effort, but with room for the Leeds quintet to build upon and only further improve.