ALBUM REVIEW: Heart Of A Coward – The Disconnect

Release Date: June 7th 2019
Label: Arising Empire


After parting ways with vocalist Jamie Graham in early 2017, Milton Keynes quintet Heart Of A Coward re-emerged with Kaan Tasan (No Consequence) taking centre stage alongside fourth record, ‘The Disconnect’.

Armed with ten tracks of furious metal and bellowing choruses, the group waste no time in reminding the public who they are and that, while there may have been a bit of a wait between records, they’re just as furious as they’ve ever been.

Guitarists Carl Ayers and Steve Haycock open the record with sinister tones before launching into the juddering riff that dominates ‘Drown In Ruin’. Against the backdrop of bouncing riffs and thundering drums, Tasan introduces himself with a flurry of percussive growls. Culminating in gang vocals and a hammering breakdown, the group prove that the heaviness is still present within this stage of their career.

Showing versatility from the get go, ‘Ritual’ straddles thrash tinged riffs and relentless screams alongside harmonically rich choruses. A testament to his delivery, Tasan‘s clean vocals imbue an entirely different vocalist with an underlying grit that sits alongside the crushing guitars and pounding drums.

As the record continues on, the group harness their niche, progressively getting more adventurous with their compositions. ‘Culture Of Lies’ see the group eschew expectancy with a delightfully heavy chorus and a djent inspired breakdown, whereas ‘Senseless’ employs contrasting melodies to continue the momentum.

Admittedly, Heart Of A Coward don’t break new ground with the record, but with a tight grip on melody and a melting pot of influences being injected into the tracks, they don’t need to. Whether it’s the grinding riff of ‘Collapse’, or the full throttle drumming of ‘In The Wake’, there’s enough on display to ensure they’re not treading through the same water time and time again.

As the record nears its climax, ‘Parasite’ delivers relentless aggression as Christopher Mansbridge adds thick slabs of percussion on top of the track’s rolling groove. Unhesitant, Tasan growls with unwavering conviction throughout, creating an abrupt and uncompromising display of commanding power.

Taking a more optimistic viewpoint, ‘Isolation’ closes the record with galloping riffs, stamping drums, and a mighty strong hook. Adding subtle changes throughout the track, the group utilise the remaining seconds of the record to cement the message that “You’re not in this alone”, wrapped in the shape of a crushing coda.

As mentioned before, ‘The Disconnect’ doesn’t re-invent the wheel, but what it does do is deliver sing-along choruses and mosh pit-ready anthems. That’s a perfectly fine wheel if you ask us. With hints of new avenues to be explored, expect a different beast on the next record to come.