ALBUM REVIEW: HalfNoise – Natural Disguise

Release Date: October 4th 2019
Label: LAB Records


Zac Farro has leaned heavily into the psychedelic grooves of his once solo project HalfNoise following his fervent tub smacking in Paramore‘s latest effort, ‘After Laughter’.

Now with a full band (well, touring band, kind of) at the helm to bring a bit more texture and body to HalfNoise, Farro delivers the project’s third full-length, ‘Natural Disguise’.

Lead singles, ‘Guess’ and ‘Boogie Juice’ are blushed divings into jiving, abstract musical styles that serve as nothing short of a pleasant evolution from Farro‘s previous works. Swelling heat fuzzes throughout the two track, and infuses them with tropically refreshing waves. The delivery of them both is smooth and strong, like a coffee just pungent enough to leave your throat buzzing.

The vocals play, mingling throughout the giddy layers of disco-esque guitars and woven backing elements in the album’s title-track. It’s giddying; the plaits of various lyrical idiosyncrasies and wavering vocals swirl around your head, and enthrall you into a state of undetained joy.

“It feels like step one, in the form of an asteroid”Farro commented, encapsulating the unvarnished vibe of this release when referring to the creation process. Sure enough, ‘Cinnamon Sugar’ embodies elements of said asteroid, for sure. This track glides in the air alongside the pepperings of sea spray, piña coladas, and bumbling laughter, destined to dissolve into the sun-bleached sands of someplace warm.

Tracks in the region of ‘Get Gone’ are riddled with a reverberating sass and assurance. Farro has clearly settled deeply into his evolutionary style, and with the exception of similarities between some tracks that prove to be somewhat repetitive, this environment has boded well for the returned Paramore drummer.

‘Natural Disguise’ is an oaky meditation into the complex capabilities of developing within yourself and straying down the unventured path. It’s exciting to witness Farro‘s development as a solo artist, a sole focus now whilst Paramore are in the midst of a somewhat hiatus, and it’s evidently clear that his creative juices are far from clogging up.

This effort just reeks of oozing modernity, without forgetting to include odes to the unfiltered psych-rock dynamic of the sixties and seventies. Charming odes, at that.