ALBUM REVIEW: Greg Puciato – Child Soldier: Creator Of God

Release Date: October 1st 2020
Label: Federal Prisoner
Facebook: None available


With a storied career behind him, Greg Puciato (ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Black Queen) for the first time ventures on his own with ‘Child Soldier: Creator Of God’, his debut solo album.

Opening up with the gentle acoustics of ‘Heaven Of Stone’, Puciato delivers intimate crooning to ease us into the throbbing industrial pulse of ‘Creator Of God’. Disparate melodies twist around distorted vocals to create a dream pop inspired bridge between the ambient soundscapes and dissonant samples that drive the track. Concluding with a wall of white noise, ‘Creator Of God’ dives us headfirst into experimental territories.

Seamlessly transitioning into the skittish industrial metal of ‘Fire For Water’, Puciato delivers his trademark screams alongside grinding riffs and mathcore inspired drums to push the momentum of the record. With one foot in the mathcore of The Dillinger Escape Plan and the textured soundscapes of The Black Queen, ‘Fire For Water’ creates a snapshot of what audiences expect of Puciato.

Not content on relying on his previous accomplishments, ‘Deep Set’ pushes Puciato‘s boundaries with a swaggering take on grunge. Flavoured with fuzzed out bass lines and primal vocals, the track not only shows a new layer to Puciato, it also serves as an opposite to the floating electronica of ‘Temporary Object’. Sparse, intimate, and utilising a subtle bounce, ‘Temporary Object’ delivers a welcome left turn.

Following up with the ominous ‘Fireflies’, harmonised vocals are dragged across rising pads and lingering synths. Understated and restrained, the track hides between the melody of its predecessor and the gripping and commanding ‘Do You Need Me To Remind You?’. Displaying Puciato‘s vocal range and highlighting the diversity of the record, the track stands out within the record’s second half.

Ranging from claustrophobic screams to baritone led croons, ‘Roach Hiss’ creates an abrasive momentum, whereas ‘Down When I’m Not’ jumps into alternative rock and inserts the droning melodies of mid 90s grunge perfectly.

With an electronica heavy final act, Puciato jumps from swinging synth pop on ‘A Pair Of Questions’ to pulsating fury on ‘Evacuation’ with ease. Closing with the dynamically attesting ‘September City’, ‘Child Soldier: Creator Of God’ ends on a high note.

Uncompromising and fearless, Greg Puciato delivers a record that’s uniquely his own.