ALBUM REVIEW: Great Collapse – Neither Washington Nor Moscow… Again

Release Date: January 26th 2018
Label: End Hit Records
Website: None available


In a world that seems to be topsy-turvy, general songs about heartbreak and girls just don’t cut it for Great Collapse. 2017 was an interesting year to say the least, and the five-piece band, consisting of current and former of cult bands Rise Against, Death By Stereo, and Set Your Goals aren’t holding back on talking about the more negative. Their second album, ‘Neither Washington Nor Moscow… Again’ combines political activism and raging punk rock in an exhilarating short 30 minutes.

What’s perhaps most controversial is the lyrical content that each song includes. All 11 tracks either take a critical view of today’s leaders, or how things could be in an ideal world. Politics and music have increasingly combined over the past year, ranging over various genres, and now it appears to be the time of punk rock to express their views. There’s not a single doubt that Great Collapse believe every word that they’re saying. Cuts such as ‘Who Makes’ and ‘Colony Blackout’ highlight a strong sense of passion and tangible ferocity. From group screams of “Listen Nazi, never again” to post-choruses of “We push back the wall”, this album pushes boundaries and is a visceral cry against establishment.

What takes these lyrics one step further, however, is the instant punk classic sound that accompanies the words. ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Forest For The Trees’ follow the classic punk rock vibe, with the big riffs being complimented by ferocious drumming and a driving bass. ‘Patient Zero Comes Home’ in particular appears to be a punk classic in the making. Starting out slowly before erupting into a loud wall of noise will be a crowd favourite, and will sound incredible when performed live; combining both the politically charged lyrics with the album’s speed gets the blood pumping and provides a very cathartic listen.

From start-to-finish, Great Collapse have created a solid record that will be sure to turn heads and raise awareness to the political turmoil that 2017 presented. Each track is equally as captivating as the next, with powerful vocals and production proving that once again Great Collapse can deliver a powerful record. ‘Neither Washington Nor Moscow… Again’ is a stellar effort, and ensures that the future is bright for these punk rockers.