ALBUM REVIEW: Goldfinger – Never Look Back

Release Date: December 4th 2020
Label: Rise Records


Goldfinger are perhaps the best example of a band that has been overshadowed by their frontman’s external achievements, much like John Wick star Keanu Reeves‘ former band Dogstar, or the Swedish glam metallers It’s Alive, whose frontman Max Martin went on to write several of the biggest-selling songs of the century so far.

John Feldmann has seemingly made more of a name for himself producing records for the likes of All Time Low, Blink-182, and The Used, almost so much so that it’s easy to forget that he is a member of one of the most legendary ska punk bands in existence, who are now onto their eighth studio album, ‘Never Look Back’.

The album opens with ‘Infinite’, a track which just screams classic punk rock, with fast paced drums, loud distorted guitars, and angsty lyrics. The song never loses momentum, keeping the same pace up for its entire runtime, barely stopping for breath.

Both ‘The City’ and ‘Dumb’ call back to the ska punk sound that the band are known for, with the laid-back-yet-energetic beat, the signature guitar skanks, and the tinge of brass. The latter of the two feels especially laid-back, with some classic humorous pop-punk love song lyrics, and ‘Golden Days’ combines the ska feel with some surf rock style riffs

Closer ‘Standing On The Beach’ sounds more like it’d be at home on the latest Neck Deep album to begin with, but develops into a more classic punk sound by the chorus.

‘Never Look Back’ feels like a nostalgia trip with modern production. The album packs everything that most fans remember about that classic era of late 90s ska punk; the hard and fast punk songs, the surf rock influences, and the danceable brass-infused ska songs.