ALBUM REVIEW: Gleemer – Down Through

Release Date: May 8th 2020
Label: Other People Records
Website: None available


Colorado’s Gleemer serve their latest offering ‘Down Through’ with a mug of piping hot coffee and a hug, scooping blues and pinks from the sky and stirring them into the brew.

Gentle, authentic, and evocative, the nine-track full-length boasts some of the most emotionally challenging material from these guys to date.

‘Brush Back’ is dazy and alluring, winding itself amidst the curls of steam that leave your mug to meet the breeze, as you sit behind the bleachers with friends and inhale your surroundings. Its production poses poised freedom: the guitars frequent clarity and the track’s development speaks hushed but wide awake, and from the onset, ‘Down Through’ is proving to be more sophisticated than its ancestors, with all facets tightened.

‘Leadings On’ is untied laces, morning petrichor, gloomy from ankle to collarbone. An organic development bleeds into the creases of the song’s melancholy face in the latter half, however, lightening the valleys that once sadly adorned them and carrying its bones into a more fleshed out, performative body. This evolution is tasteful, and frankly beautiful.

There’s an inherent warmth to each track despite their dismal beginnings, and the coffee becomes palatable as Gleemer settle a little deeper into their autumnal aesthetic. Drawing poignantly from the mottled roots of nineties rock, the aptly named Loveland-native outfit prove a stylistic security, one that does not fall flat for a second.

While the likes of ‘Worth’ and ‘Casino’ lean wholeheartedly into the oaky misshapenness of acoustic endeavors, Gleemer still appear to gloss through the verses with idiosyncratic punctuation, simply furthering the effect of their personality. From pained face to grazed ankles, ‘Down Through’ is consistently introspectively confrontational, and there’s something really promising in that.

The seamless integration of indie-allusions and personal stabs in ‘Held’ and ‘Down Through’ respectively is what separates Gleemer from the multitude of bands stuffed reluctantly into genre-labelled pigeonholes. These guys make music that is as stunning as it is wretched, and it goes down a treat.