ALBUM REVIEW: Giver – Sculpture Of Violence

Release Date: February 7th 2020
Label: Holy Roar Records
Website: None available


Anyone looking for another relatively average hardcore record to add to their collection? Well, don’t worry, Giver have got you covered with their full-length, ‘Sculpture Of Violence’.

The German quintet quite obviously try rather hard to fill the gap that’s currently incredibly obvious in the hardcore genre, but do they succeed? Well, kind of.

Some of the songs on ‘Sculpture Of Violence’ surely have the potential to be something bigger than what they are, but getting them there might need a bit more than what they’re presenting on this album. Scores like ‘Evil Is’ give the impression of being able to be something more than what they are. It all sounds slightly unfinished from certain points of view, and even if some of the songs, like ‘Every Age Has Its Dragons (Like An Empire)’, try to breathe a bit of fresh air into it, the mark is missed sadly.

Every song somehow has the same energy to it, which surprisingly works in both a negative and positive way for Giver. While the album never loses its rhythm and flow, it also never changes it up. There’s not a song that particularly stands out either way. Nothing is terrible, nothing is excellent. Giver manage to ride a wave of mediocracy throughout this whole creative process.

Fans of the genre, and fans of bands like Have Heart will have a bloody great time listening to ‘Sculpture Of Violence’, that’s for sure. But is it something for the masses, or to broaden their already established core of followers? Probably not.

Despite all of that, Giver step up with a new innovation of their own sound, and do show that they can play among their peers and fit in just fine.