ALBUM REVIEW: Ghost Iris – Comatose

Release Date: May 7th 2021
Label: Long Branch Records


Continuing to refine their sound on fourth record ‘Comatose’, Danish crew Ghost Iris look at streamlining their approach to metalcore to create a dynamically attesting record.

Following on from the brief but effective ‘(3815935)’, the band hit the ground running with the driving ‘Desert Dread’. Filled with grinding riffs, hefty growls, and a hook heavy chorus, the track delivers the main tropes of metalcore with little respite. That being said, as ‘Comatose’ continues to show across it’s streamlined runtime, ‘Desert Dread’ doesn’t wish to tick the boxes of the genre. Brimming with twists and turns, the group take a restless approach to dynamics, flying through breakdowns, double-kick heavy variations, and soaring vocal melodies on a whim.

Showing a clear affinity to both hardcore flavoured riffs on the bludgeoning ‘Paper Tiger’ and balancing clean vocals alongside grinding guitars on ‘Cult’, the band quickly showcase their strengths. Whilst their efficient yet intense take on metalcore isn’t anything new for existing fans, Ghost Iris still continue to take risks and deliver possibly some their heaviest moments on the likes of ‘Ebb And Flow’ and ‘Coda’ proudly showcase.

Taking a respite from the towering guitars that dominate elements of the record, ‘Ebb And Flow’ focuses on space and tension to create an unexpected move into ballad territory. Still retaining a sincerity and not straying too far from the soundscape laid out previously, it highlights the range of Jesper Vicencio Gun‘s clean vocals without being shoehorned in.

Following up from the devastating yet dynamic ‘Coda’, ‘Power Schism’ looks to not only follow up from one of the record’s standout tracks, but also to conclude ‘Comatose’ on a high note. Choosing to take a breathless approach to metalcore, ‘Power Schism’ delivers a muscular set of riffs and a direct structure that provides a memorable conclusion to a powerhouse of a record.

Refining their sound and trimming off the fat, Ghost Iris have pushed themselves up the ladder of contemporary metalcore. Whilst ‘Comatose’ doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it does show that Ghost Iris are ready to reach a larger audience with their workhorse approach to the genre.