Release Date: August 30th 2019
Label: Big Scary Monsters


The indie-punk genre is really thriving at the moment, and one of the bands responsible for lighting that spark is Brighton three-piece, Gender Roles.

Having signed to Big Scary Monsters back in 2017, the trio went on to release two super-charged, exuberant EPs that laid the foundations of their buzzing sound and drew in fans across the board. Now, their debut LP, ‘PRANG’, offers up the best collection of tracks that the group have released to date, and gets ready to put them on the map.

Combining a pop-groove with an angsty attitude beefs up the indie tendencies on offer with their sound, creating a more intense and punchier take on the indie genre – that’s essentially ‘PRANG’ in a nutshell. The choruses are emphatic, while the instrumentation is interesting and often on the unpredictable side.

‘You Look Like Death’ has some of the nicest vocals on the record, as Tom Bennett glides the title lyric across fizzing guitars. ‘Always’, ‘Deep End’, and ‘That’s How You Want It To Be’ all offer up absolutely mammoth sing-alongs via ripping choruses, while swing-flattered drums and slippy guitar work weave their way through the corners of every track.

Gender Roles‘ joyous sound seems to effortlessly melt indie-rock into the harsh tones of pissed-off punk, and ‘PRANG’ sees them blend the two genres wonderfully. There’s rarely a track that doesn’t have a feel-good factor and jumped-up chorus, while there’s an added ferocity that’s deployed when necessary to slap a bit of beef in the mix.

Take closer ‘Bubble’, for example, with a glitchy, math rock guitar lead that directs the track, while snappy, scrabbling guitars are met with double-time drums for some indie on steroids. ‘Ickle’ is similar, with intricate lead melodies submerging into heavy gain and another stick-in-your-brain chorus. It feels too loose to be called a formula, but whatever they’re doing here, it really works.

‘PRANG’ serves up a great collection indie-punk anthems, and almost certainly the best that Gender Roles have had to their name so far. If you need a record to sell you this genre mash-up, then ‘PRANG’ is the answer.