ALBUM REVIEW: Fucked Up – Dose Your Dreams

Release Date: October 5th 2018
Label: Merge Records


There are very few bands out there that you can truly say are in a category of their own, but Canada’s Fucked Up have made a career out of fusing together hardcore; a genre associated with anger, aggression and raw vocal and music style, with a level of psychedelia usually reserved for that guy you know who wears floral shirts and only emerges from the woods once a month to collect supplies.

‘Dose Your Dreams’ is the fifth full-length and second double-LP from the band and, although not the chronological successor, it’s the conceptual sequel to their first foray into  the experimental rock opera style concept album: 2011’s ‘David Comes To Life’.

With this installment, we see the hero David embark on a journey of exploration into the concept of dreaming, and how to make dreams become a reality.

As well as tackling huge concepts and ideas, the music itself tells you that this is not your usual hardcore album. It’s a sonic wave of experimentation, in which frontman ‘Father’ Damian Abraham‘s vocals range from raw and powerful screams and shouts to something much more refined and controlled. He’s also joined on vocal duties by a wide range of guests that bring a further dimension to cuts like ‘Raise Your Voice, Joyce’, which reaches euphoric heights in a crescendo of saxophone and girl-group style chanting.

‘Two I’s Closed’ mirrors the dream-like psychedelia of the album’s concept in 60s inspired multi-part harmonies over hymnal style keys. This transitions masterfully into the classic punk ‘The One I Want Will Come For Me’, which in turn slides into the industrial powerhouse standout, ‘Mechanical Bull’.

As with all concept albums, ‘Dose Your Dreams’ really needs to be listened to in one sitting to be truly appreciated. At eighteen tracks, you’ll need to set some time aside for it to give it the attention it requires and deserves, but you will not be disappointed.

Angry, beautiful, fascinating, and powerful, Fucked Up have set the bar incredibly high with this release, proving that if you can dream it, you can create it.