ALBUM REVIEW: Free Throw – Piecing It Together

Release Date: June 25th 2021
Label: Triple Crown Records


In a little under a decade, Nashville quintet Free Throw have almost become lauded as modern emo heroes. Their last album, ‘What’s Past Is Prologue’, has been described as one of the best emo albums of 2019, and now they’re here to reclaim that glory with their fourth LP, ‘Piecing It Together’.

Opener ‘Cloud Sick’ immediately catches your attention with its brief arpeggiated clean guitar intro, and doesn’t let go until the final notes, with its catchy lead guitar parts, passionate vocals, and hard hitting drums. ‘Worry Seed’ has much the same effect, but opens straight up into the action, rather than teasing you. ‘The Grass Isn’t Greener’ slows the pace down, but still keeps up the passionate energy of the previous tracks.

The highlight on offer throughout the record here is ‘Ocular Pat Down’. The song is dripping with positive, infectious energy, the opening guitar riff is catchy as all hell, and it overall just has a pure feel good vibe. However, the feeling of this song is never quite replicated through the remainder of the album.

‘Ghost In The Routine’ is the only track on the latter half that comes close to capturing the positive feeling that you get listening to the aforementioned ‘Ocular Pat Down’, with a short-but-sweet blast of pure emo energy.

Unfortunately, ‘Piecing It Together’ is definitely a little bit front loaded. After the first four tracks pass, the record dips a little, with the exception of ‘Ghost In The Routine’. It’s in no way a bad album, all of the songs held within are solid, but following on from the success and magnitude of ‘What’s Past Is Prologue’, which is still definitely their magnum opus, ‘Piecing It Together’ is just a little bit disappointing.