ALBUM REVIEW: Frauds – With Morning Toast & Jam & Juice

Release Date: December 8th 2017
Label: Till Deaf Do Us Party Records
Website: None available


Croydon based power rock duo Frauds have had a jam-packed year having embarked on numerous tours, and most recently sharing the stage with the mighty Jamie Lenman. Their debut album, ‘With Morning Toast & Jam & Juice’, is a riff-fuelled record that combines elements of punk rock and grunge. It’s filled with comedic observations, and it showcases just what Chris Francombe (vocalist/drummer) and Mike Alvarez (vocalist/guitarist) can do.

‘Sandwiches’ captures both the band’s humour and their punk rock roots, opening with a funky guitar line and the lyric, “Who’s eating sandwiches in someone else’s garden? That’s me.” The chorus is packed with fuzz and harsher vocals that only grow more chaotic as the bridge enters, and the words “Your face looks like jam and butter mashed together” are sung over and over. ‘Suck Jobs’ also displays simple yet funky guitar lines over a wailing chorus.

Some tracks here, including opener ‘Let’s Find Out’ and the moody ‘Just Come Of Age’, show off some more intricate guitar work while still retaining that heavy sludgy feel that’s presented throughout the rest of the album. The vocals on ‘Just Come Of Age’ in particular sound theatrical, an atmosphere that becomes more prominent in the song’s final minute when descending guitar melodies enter alongside frantic high-hat work and unsettling laughing pierces in the background.

‘With Morning Toast & Jam & Juice’ is a unique venture, bristling with humour and hard-hitting guitars. It’s sure to remind listeners of the OG punk movement as well as more contemporary acts like Slaves. However, Frauds have by no means shied away from creating a sound that’s completely their own, and it’s a sound that will see them hitting bigger milestones in the future.

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