ALBUM REVIEW: Fit For A King – The Path

Release Date: September 18th 2020
Label: Solid State Records


With five records already behind them, Fit For A King build on their foundation of well-written metalcore with ‘The Path’.

Filled with riffs, breakdowns, and crowd-ready choruses, ‘The Path’ sees Fit For A King continue to work towards a stadium approach to metalcore.

With an ominous presence and droning distortion setting the tone for opener ‘The Face Of Hate’, Fit For A King unfurl duelling harmonies and chugging guitars with confidence. With a breakneck verse giving way to an economic yet accessible chorus, Fit For A King jump through multiple metalcore hallmarks with finesse.

Following up with lead single ‘Breaking The Mirror’, the multiple vocal attack of the group is on full display, as frontman Ryan Kirby growls against bassist/vocalist Ryan O’Leary‘s hook laden chorus. Whilst it would be easy for the band to recycle the same formula, ‘Annihilation’ plays with structure to deliver a thrash laden juggernaut. Complete with tremolo picking and blast beats, it aims to become a live staple with its gang vocal led chorus and tense breakdowns.

As the record nears its midway point, it becomes clear that ‘The Path’ is what Fit For A King do best – catchy metalcore delivered with conviction. Again, it may not be attempting to stray from the path that the group have maintained for the past decade, but it is refined and finessed to a deadly accuracy. Whether it’s the anthemic prowess of the title-track or the string led sheen of ‘Prophet’, the production and structural approach pushes the record towards a grander scope.

Embracing pulsing electronics for ‘God Of Fire’, grinding riffs and the abrasive vocals of Kirby ensure that the song doesn’t remove any coherency from the record. A welcome deviation, the use of space in an already condensed record helps keep the momentum going as well as allowing follow-up ‘Stockholm’ to pack a weighty punch.

Closing the record with ‘Vendetta’, the band come forth with a stomping bow out. It shows that beneath the sheen of the production, Fit For A King can still deliver a chugging powerhouse of a track, and with that the album concludes in an abrupt and fitting fashion.

With ‘The Path’, Fit For A King show a band prepared and evidently ready to move towards a more grand and stadium ready sound. With the tracks to back up their ambitions, they’re well on their way towards the front of the metalcore pack.