ALBUM REVIEW: Fall Out Boy – Believers Never Die: Volume Two

Release Date: November 15th 2019
Label: Island Records


Ten years following their first greatest hits collection, Fall Out Boy pay homage to their post-hiatus and frankly more pop driven catalogue on ‘Believers Never Die: Volume Two’.

Opening with the track that signalled their return in 2013, ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)’ flickers into being, glitching minds back to the bedroom of their adolescent selves, straightening their hair to death among the reverberations of such pop-punk royalty. ‘The Phoenix’ pretty much applies your eyeliner for you with its orchestra, and the undeniable twang in Patrick Stump‘s voice.

‘Alone Together’ sprints to don the status of the most nostalgic track on the effort, and, before you know it, you’re back in 2013 and everything is bliss. This track is stippled with syrupy singing and lucid bass work, courtesy of frontman Stump and bassist Pete Wentz, and it plays out with ruthless energy synonymous with a good bruising.

As the ‘Save Rock & Roll’ portion of the release bleeds out and Fall Out Boy‘s impenitent angst fades away with it, the anthemic ‘Centuries’ bleaches the dyed heads of its predecessors, and paints the Illinois native outfit in a refreshing new light. From here on out, the quartet are lightening up as opposed to plummeting to the depths of emo rock.

2015’s ‘Uma Thurman’ is an inherently transitional track in this collection: Andy Hurley‘s drum embellishments remain dizzyingly prickly while the overall tone is blended until smooth, and these genre-bending icons flex their muscles of capability, once again.

With ‘The Last Of The Real Ones’ comes a buoyant vibrancy so sickly that the piano tricks are almost strangling. An entirely glazed performance is introduced to Fall Out Boy‘s catalogue, and they smirk in assurance as guitarist, Joe Trohman, shuttles subtly at the fretboard. With a track record as blistering as theirs, this outfit know that they don’t have to conform to a singular style to possess hearts and minds alike.

With almost two decades of unmatched prestige under their studded belts, Fall Out Boy continue to thrash about the scene with a vitally irreplaceable presence. Gear up, kid, because you can bet that these guys won’t stop until there’s a third, fourth, and maybe even fifth edition of ‘Believers Never Die’.