ALBUM REVIEW: Eyes Set To Kill – Eyes Set To Kill

Release Date: February 16th 2018
Label: Century Media Records
Website: None available


Since forming back in 2003, Arizona based post-hardcore powerhouse Eyes Set To Kill have had a very impressive career spanning five albums… well, six now, as the band unleash much anticipated self-titled effort; their first full-length venture in half a decade.

While there’s plenty to praise instrumentally, it’s frontwoman, Alexia Rodriguez‘s vocals that pull the album along effortlessly. From the scratchy, grit-filled delivery of the defiant ‘Not Sorry’ to the delicate emotion projected in ‘Devastated’, Rodriguez‘s performance is captivating throughout.

She also takes on guitar duties alongside rhythm guitarist, AJ Bartholomew, and musically, Eyes Set To Kill is a tour de force of bone-shattering bouncy riffs altered by crunchy guitar tones, executed brilliantly in ‘Die Trying’ and ‘Survive’, the heaviest tracks that are on offer across this LP. Choruses are often opened up and ushered along by bright chord progressions, and the more technical parts give the album welcome bursts of intricacy while the driving chords compliment each chorus brilliantly.

Caleb Clifton and Comron Fouladi hold down the rhythm section on drums and bass respectively, with a slick bass tone and some formidable drum parts; lead single ‘Break’ demonstrates this nicely, with some particularly impressive drum fills from Clifton.

Eyes Set To Kill‘s self-titled album is a solid record with a strong sense of identity. It’s a welcome return for the post-hardcore quartet that old and new fans alike will enjoy.