ALBUM REVIEW: Evanescence – The Bitter Truth

Release Date: March 26th 2021
Label: Columbia Records


It’s been ten years since Evanescence released their self-titled third album, and, other than 2017’s ‘Synthesis’, which mostly contained reworked versions of the band’s existing material, fans have been left starving for something new. The big question is this: was ‘The Bitter Truth’ worth the wait?

In short, yes. Evanescence have had their feet firmly planted in the world of rock and metal for decades, and it’s not exactly a surprise that they’re still there all these years later. Fans will hear exactly what they crave with ‘The Bitter Truth’; gothic and enthralling cuts (‘Feeding The Dark’), stunning vocals (‘Far From Heaven’), a healthy dose of theatricality (‘Wasted On You’), and a sprinkling of commercial appeal (‘Yeah Right’).

That final one might surprise some, but it’s no secret that, for all their alternative allure, Evanescence are no strangers to the world of commercial music. Try and find someone who doesn’t know ‘Bring Me To Life’.

However, it’s been a decade since their last album, and, for all the crowd pleasers, ‘The Bitter Truth’ was bound to show growth, particularly given America’s turbulent last few years, not to mention the past twelve months. Amy Lee has always been an influential figure, and her songwriting plays no small part in that. Since their earliest hits, Evanescence have peddled powerful lyrics, coupled with breathtaking arrangements and larger-than-life production. This has only matured, as one would expect, in the gap between their previous albums and this one, and there is no better example than ‘Use My Voice’, in which Lee boldly speaks up using her effortless and earnest yet fierce and commanding vocals. This is finished off nicely with the addition of ‘Take Cover’, which feels like Evanescence at heart but with a fresh coat of paint.

With ‘The Bitter Truth’, Evanescence manage to hold onto their foundations while breathing fresh life into their legacy with maturity and modernity; something that similar bands don’t always achieve. It’s been a long wait, but one that fans will shortly forget all about once they hit play.