ALBUM REVIEW: Entombed A.D. – Bowels Of Earth

Release Date: August 30th 2019
Label: Century Media Records
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Entombed A.D. hail from Stockholm, and were born out of the original band Entombed, but, due to the copyright of the name belonging to one of the other founding members, they were forced to add on some extra letters.

Retaining vocalist Lars-Göran Petrov, drummer Olle Dahlstedt, and guitarist Nico Elgstrand, they released their debut album ‘Back To Front’ in 2014, later adding second guitarist Guilherme Miranda to the mix in 2015. Now onto their third album, they seek to continue their raucous with ‘Bowels Of Earth’.

Crashing in a cataclysmic hail of rifling riffs and a heavily distorted rhythm section, opener ‘Torment Remains’ is a doom thrash extravaganza with a dialled back production style that effectively conveys a chaotic scene of carnage. Rather than having a sparkling sheen of precise guitar notes, Elgstrand sweeps in, out, up, and down in a constant rambling solo which verges on being a sore thumb, but ties in with the hardcore thrash ethos.

Turning the rivers to sludge, the title-track and ‘Bourbon Nightmare’ start to gradually add in modern solos and twists, with even the bass being cranked up to round out the initial dry chaotic-ism of the opening tracks. Combined with this as well are rapid time changes, instrumental introductions, and breakdowns that display the band’s experience and range of weapons in their foreboding arsenal.

Dredging the corpses, ‘To Eternal Night’ draws back the frantic mayhem to a slow pound of progressive guitar chords from Miranda and lengthened guitar solos, which pervey the pestilence coming from Petrov‘s vocals.

Beginning like a classic hark to their early thrash days and gradually changing the production whilst introducing modern twists makes ‘Bowels Of Earth’ an interesting and entertaining experience. While the initial couple of tracks may seem dry and outdated, this a lot like the compilation of b-sides and bonus material that some bands put together, but for Entombed A.D., however, this purposeful intention displays their growth and progression.