ALBUM REVIEW: Enterprise Earth – Luciferous

Release Date: April 5th 2019
Label: eOne/Good Fight Music


Having had success in previous projects, vocalist Dan Watson and guitarist BJ Sampson joined back forces in 2014 to form Enterprise Earth, a venture that immediately attracted attention across the internet.

Now after five years, a couple of albums, and a few line-up adjustments, we see if they can continue to rise through the ranks on their third LP, ‘Luciferous’.

Beginning the tirade, ‘Behold, Malevolence’ opens with hammering riffs and ominous synths, backed up with snapping and snarling vocals that are sure to scare away any wayward stranger wandering off the beaten path.

Continuing the calamitous tyranny, ‘Sleep Is For The Dead’ ratchets up the intensity, flitting between sludge metal and speed metal variations that are expertly handled by Aaron O’ Toole who maintains a solid and precise background for the furore and chaos coming from the forefront.

Delving into modern society, ‘The Failsafe Fallacy’ is a lyrical rebellion against the autonomous systems that we should conform to the norm, and lose our individualism in a row of numbers. Traversing between visceral screams, croaking bellows, and guttural roars, Watson utilises every weapon available, ensuring that his message is delivered in an effective and dramatic fashion, all culminating in an inspiring chorus of “I know I was meant for something more.”

Spiralling into doom metal realms, the record’s titular track creeps in with choirs and clean guitars before launching into a thundering drudge of pounding riffs from Sampson, who fantastically manages a range of different styles while keeping deathcore at its centre.

Introducing progressive elements, ‘There Is No Tomorrow’ is a final epitaph that throws in melodeath sections to add to an already action packed cauldron of riffs, breakdowns, and choruses. Creatively including lyrical references to previous tracks and even allowing room for clean vocals, this certainly is an emphatic ending for any album.

While ‘Luciferous’ can be a brutal experience, the variety of constant interchanges blend with a ferocity and energy that cannot be matched, resulting in a truly brilliant record.