ALBUM REVIEW: Enter Shikari – Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible

Release Date: April 17th 2020
Label: SO Recordings/Ambush Reality


Following on from its neatened and streamlined predecessor, Enter Shikari‘s sixth full-length ‘Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible’ tears through genre and influence with hunger.

Trance synths stab towards an explosion of dizzying bass lines, lurching distortion, and rolling drum beats as vocalist Rou Reynolds croons over opener, ‘The Great Unknown’. Sitting on a tense pull and release, the track ushers in the record with a spacious soundscape before embracing the pop-punk bounce of ‘Crossing The Rubicon’.

Showcasing the musical dexterity of the quartet, the sun kissed swagger of the aforementioned track blends seamlessly into the drum and bass led punk of lead single, ‘{ The Dreamer’s Hotel }’. Still boasting a wide chorus, the dirty bass lines and swirling bridge of the track drag it closer towards the scrappy techno punk of their debut.

Revisiting the slow burn structure from earlier, ‘Waltzing Off The Face Of The Earth (I. Crescendo)’ jumps from sparse soundscapes and terse vocals towards clustered distortion and brass harmonies with ease. The group’s dexterity is yet again shown with ‘Modern Living’, as guitarist Rory Clewlow embodies Britpop chords alongside wonky garage synths.

Highlighting the nuanced cohesion that runs throughout the record, the coda of ‘Modern Living’ forms the basis of the sub bass heavy and jungle flavoured ‘Apøcoholics Anonymøus (Main Theme In B Minor)’. The narrative cohesion also runs through with later tracks, ‘Marionettes (I. The Discovery Of Strings)’ and ‘Marionettes (II. The Ascent)’, and whilst both tracks have widely different styles – the former touching on smooth jazz and breakbeat as the latter favours garage and sweeping choruses – a coherency runs throughout.

Ultimately, this is what sets the record out from the band’s previous efforts. Whilst Enter Shikari have been known to take huge risks with their sound and have also displayed sonic restraint, ‘Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible’ melds both elements to create a record that delivers on the ambition of the group, and the fact that Reynolds has also taken producer duties solo for the first time only backs this.

From the delicate orchestration on ‘Elegy For Extinction’ to the rugged punk bite of ‘Thē Kĭñg’, Enter Shikari has curated their own greatest hits on ‘Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible’. Urgent, experimental, accessible and nuanced, Enter Shikari have created a record that matches their ongoing ambition, and maintains their reputation of rejecting stalemate with every song.